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12 Healthy Habits Can Become bad For Your Health If You Abuse Them

You feel saturated or even confused by a lot of information that claims to guide you and promise to add something more to your daily habits to be healthier or happier. one advice, everything you hear or read may not always be true, some advice is myths and it will remain so. Whether you hear or read something that sounds too crazy to be true beware or do your own research, analyze and see what works best for your body and mind.

Bstforyou has done the research for you and we’ve made a list of the best habits that can help you to have better health. despite it, if you abuse it can have the opposite effect.

1. Brush Your Teeth Several Times a Day is bad habits

Doctors advise brushing your teeth twice a day, but if you brush your teeth after every meal, you are wrong is bad habits, instead of taking care of them you will damage them. if your meal contains something acidic and you brush your teeth too soon, Avoid doing that, otherwise, you run the risk of removing tooth enamel.  So patient between 30 minutes to an hour before brushing them.

2. You Replace Sugar With Substitutes.

All people love sugar, but be aware it’s not good for our health, if you remove it completely from your diet or replace it with all kinds of sweeteners it may not be the right decision for you, because some of these alternatives are totally artificial and may have side effects not good for your health in the long run.

3. Drink 8 Glasses Of Water Every Day.

If you are thirsty, always tell you to take a bottle of water and drink until you are no longer thirsty is very bad habits usually after exercise or if you live in a warm place. But you should not forget that many other drinks also contain water, such as tea or fruit juices, so be careful with your intake of water because a lot of water is good but you should not abuse it, your kidneys can not get rid of excess water.

Science advises us to drink 8 glasses a day, but we all have different bodies and so everyone needs a different quantity. and until today it has not issued any proof that drinking a lot of water is good for your health.

4. Getting More Sleep On The Weekends Can Help You Catch Up On Sleep or The Week.

Sleeping is essential for our health, whether mental or physical, a few hours of sleeping on the weekend will not catch up all the sleepless nights of the week(bad habits you need to change it). in addition, excess sleep is not good for your health, because you could have unpleasant mental problems.

5. You Eat Low Carbs.

In the last few years, The keto diet has become the most popular diet in the world because it is effective and helps people to lose weight. the body needs carbohydrates to function so if you remove them from your diet the body turns fat into energy that needs to function. In the long run, a lack of carbohydrates will do you more harm than good. Eliminate flour and sugar is a good thing but not whole grains as it contains a lot of fiber

6. You Place The Cotton Swab In Your Observance.

Earwax is not inevitably a bad thing. It serves as a barrier against dust and dirt by preventing them from creeping into our observance, but if you use the cotton swabs often, try to change your way of doing so by using it only on the outer part of the observance.

Do not put it too much in your ear as this can be dangerous and cause damage to your ears such as deafness, or even loss of taste or nausea.

7. You Replace Your Mess With a Smoothie.

Smoothies are great, but they substantially contain fruit, water, and milk. They don’t give you the necessary nutrients that your body needs. Either, a lot of smoothies contain a large quantum of fruit, and eating it all at formerly might increase your blood sugar, leading to an insulin shaft. This can restate to seeing further pounds on your scale.

8. You Take Nutritive Supplements.

Just because you hear people are taking them doesn’t automatically mean you should too. However, also this is accessible If you’re vegan and have insufficiency in vitamin B12. But high boluses of vitamin supplements don’t help certain health issues, and they can indeed be dangerous, according to a study. Try to conclude with a varied diet of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

9. You Use Sunscreen.

Sunscreen can protect you from some skin conditions, but it doesn’t mean that the sun is your number one opponent. Frequent use of sunscreen can harm you and lead to vitamin D deficiency. People with darker skin or with thicker skin will not need to use sunscreen. In order to absorb the necessary dose of vitamin D, experts advise 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure daily as one of the benefits is the prevention of osteomalacia and depression.

10. You Only Use Products Marked “Healthy”.

You often buy products that are labeled “healthy” but they really aren’t, often it’s just a marketing strategy, so pay attention and read the ingredients on the back of your product. this way of doing is the only one that can tell you whether the product is worth buying or not.

11. Exercise Every Day.

No one can deny the benefits of exercising well, but even daily training will saturate your body and it will become a bad habits, it needs time to rest and recover as it is needed for your muscle mass and relaxation and for your body in general. exercising every day can dramatically increase your cortisol and can make your body feel stressed and tired.

12. Carrots Are Good For Power Even In The Dark.

Carrots are a healthy vegetable that we should introduce into our diet because they are rich in vitamin A, and help the eyesight, but they will not help you to see in the dark. It’s a myth from the 1940s, to see well at night if you have to eat carrots.

Be careful with the orange vegetable if you eat it, carrots are a good food but eating too much of them can make you sick and get carotenemia, which is a skin discolouration disease that is caused by the beta-carotene found in carrots. Many other fruits and vegetables also contain this pigment.